Our process for working with students and parents is very simple. We offer a complimentary
consulation, during which we assess the student's areas of interest and where they are in their
college search. This allows us to determine how to guide them forward in the process.

College Planning begins in 9th grade
By applying the Five Forces Model through our Mentoring, Coaching and Empowering, we position students to prepare for a more effective college search process.

Mentoring: Our approach provides proper and necessary guidance with a greater focus on the student’s interests and what they hope to gain out of their college experience.
Coaching: We prepare students to engage in academic and co-curricular activities to better position themselves for admission to colleges that they believe will be the best fit.
Empowering: We encourage students to own their college search process!

College Identification happens in 11th grade
Continuing with the Five Forces Model, we incorporate Advocacy and Exploring for the 11th and 12th grades.

Advocacy: During the Admissions process, we become an influential voice on behalf of the student.
Exploring: We challenge the student to test their comfort zones and truly think about what they want to be when they grow up!

We provide customized college search solutions for students, regardless of where they are in the process.
Mary, Haverford College

"Charmin was extremely helpful throughout all aspects of my college admissions process: giving me contacts, helping me with essays, preparing me for interviews, the works! Her guidance was vital in me getting into my top choice!"
Grayson, early decision to Vanderbilt University
Josh, University of Georgia & Eric, UCLA
Why Five Forces
Advocacy: As competition increases for admission to colleges and universities, whether they be public or private, students need more than just good advice on the college search; they need an advocate! Charmin Lee’s relationships with admission representatives at colleges and universities nationwide solidifies her credibility with parents and students. Her professional network opens the door for a personalized, unique college placement experience for you. Charmin will assess your strengths and get to know your goals, which will enable her to advocate effectively for YOU at your “BEST FIT” college or university!

Empowering: One of Charmin’s main goals is for students to OWN his/her college search and application process. Taking responsibility for their college search will empower them to make the most of their college experience!

Exploring: Self-discovery plays a formative role in the college search process. Charmin encourages students to test their comfort zones and explore student activities, international travel opportunities and internship opportunities that might not be on their radar. As students become more creative with what they hope to gain from their college experience, they begin identifying with the “best fit” colleges for them.

Mentoring: Charmin Lee passes on her knowledge and experience to assist students in identifying their own personal goals. She inspires students to seek opportunities they may not have previously considered.

Coaching: As learning and development occurs, performance improves; inspiring students to become more engaged and confident throughout the college search process!

Advocating + Mentoring + Exploring + Empowering + Coaching