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Thank you so much for the great work you have done and continue to do!  You were such a huge part in my entire college search process!  

   Thank you for believing in me and positioning me for my success!

Bobby McQueen, UNC-Chapel Hill~Morehead-Cain Scholar

Rollins College was not even on our radar and you told us to come and check it out!  Chris loved it as soon as he arrived on campus!  So, thank you for the beautiful work that you do!

Rose, mother of Chris, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida

With the help of Charmin I was able to channel the best of my abilities into the college application process. Without her help, I would not be at American University studying International Relations. Every meeting I had with Charmin, I grew to really appreciate her as a counselor and was so receptive to her guidance and support!

Fumnanya, American University

I could never thank Charmin enough for the support she offered our daughter as she began the journey of deciding which university was the best fit for her. Planning for this huge “life” event can be so overwhelming and time consuming for both the parents and the child. Charmin however was able to communicate effectively to our daughter and constantly updated me and my husband on the direction she was heading and why. It was reassuring to know we had someone that was an expert in navigating this process instead of leaving it to chance. Charmin, thank you!

Linda, Mother of Elizabeth, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Thank you so much for all of your invaluable help this year!  A few months ago, I had no idea where I wanted to attend college or even what I truly wanted to study!  Thanks to you, we narrowed down that list and I am grateful for your constant support!  You were instrumental in my process!

Amelia, Stetson University

Before I met Charmin, I had no idea where I wanted to go to college or how to get there. She helped me narrow down my options and find the best fit for me. She helped me create the best resume and application to each school. Charmin had great insight and connections that were so helpful. I couldn't have done this without her!
Addison, College of Charleston

Not only was I able to connect with Charmin as my college consultant, but she really got to know me as a person. She always took an extreme interest in my horseback riding and my running. I cannot think of enough positive things to say about Charmin but most importantly she was there for me the whole way and had my back through thick and thin. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.
Kaitlyn, Western Carolina University, Cross Country Team

Charmin helped me find various Gap Year Programs, craft a unique and attention-grabbing resume, fine tune numerous essays and just generally advocated for me and helped give me the best opportunity for getting into the ‘best fit’ school for me!

Anna Li, American University

Having Charmin as a college counselor was truly a blessing for me. From day one, I felt she was incredibly supportive and committed to helping me find the right college fit. Her enthusiasm and positive feedback gave me the confidence I needed to gain admission to the college of my choice.
Cammie, Elon University

I very much enjoyed the time I spent working with Charmin Lee. Not only is she a very open and friendly person, but her immense knowledge of the college process proved invaluable to me. I will soon be attending the college of my dreams and for that I know I will never be able to repay her!
Carter, Appalachian State University

I cherish the fact that Charmin cultivated a relationship with McKenna and encouraged her to be responsible for the high school/college process. McKenna felt comfortable asking for Charmin’s input on class selection, essay edits, resume building, college applications and scholarship information. Charmin was available, accessible, caring and overall such a positive influence in McKenna’s life. Her guidance and knowledge has been invaluable to us!

Carmen, Mother of McKenna, UNC-Chapel Hill

Charmin changed the course of Anna Li’s journey to college and made such a difference in both of our lives. Thanks to her expert counsel, Anna Li was accepted to her first choice college and received a generous scholarship which enabled her to attend.

Pam, Mother of Anna Li, American University in Washington, DC

Charmin Lee is a dedicated and talented College Advisor who brings out the best in every individual she works with, especially ME! 

Josh, University of Georgia

Charmin really helped me explore all options academically! Together, we investigated each and every college that fit my profile and found the one best suited for me! Without her help, I would have been lost throughout the college application process. She truly was a blessing disguised as a College Counselor!

Matt, Dickinson College

Charmin always knew what to do when everything seemed to become overwhelming. I appreciated all of her support and instruction through my College Process!

Grace, Belmont University of Nashville, Tennessee

Charmin Lee was instrumental in guiding my daughter through the application process. Charmin’s 100% attention to details, recognizing the GENIUS in my daughter both personally and academically, encouraging her to go after schools and programs that we didn’t even know existed, all put my daughter in the position to be accepted to some of the top schools and programs in the country!

Adria, Parent of Rachel, UNC-Chapel Hill/Honors Program

Charmin was extremely helpful throughout all aspects of my college admissions process: giving me contacts, helping me with essays, preparing me for interviews, the works! Her guidance was vital in me getting into my top choice!  

Grayson, early decision to Vanderbilt University

We are so grateful to Charmin Lee for providing our son with the focus, tools and confidence he needed to apply for college.  He was so glad to be going through the application process on his own, without the constant "nagging" from his parents. Charmin, was there for our son whenever he had a question or needed guidance. It was such a smooth and rewarding experience that we would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Sue McDonald, Mother of James attending Elon University

Working with Charmin was a great experience. Not only did she prepare me for college, but she also became a role model. She is very dear to my heart and because I chose to work with her in preparation for college, I gained a great friendship!

Kathryn, East Carolina University

Charmin's expertise in the college admissions arena is unparalleled. We needed someone of her caliber with the clout, knowledge, and dedication to navigate us through the process and ensure that we gave our children the best possible means for a successful and positive admission to the college or university of their choice. Her service to us, and to them, has been invaluable.  

Debbie & Steed Griffin, twin daughter's parents, Julie & Gabby, 9th grade

A phone call away with every answer to any question about the college process or even life in general... Charmin Lee was definitely my college lifeline!

Carrington, Maryville, TN, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

We are very thankful to have found Charmin to guide our daughter through the college search process. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and personal connection with Cammie made the process so much more exciting and less stressful. As a result, she is confident and happy about where she will be spending the next four years of her life.

Debbie, Mother of Cammie, Elon University

It has been really helpful to have someone walk me through this college process who knows exactly what is going on. I would have been so lost without Charmin’s guidance and advice!

McKenna, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Through Charmin’s vital advice and connections, I was able to get all of my college related documents into the right people at the right time. She greatly improved my portfolio, increasing my marketability at all of the schools to which I made application!

Harrison, North Carolina State University

Charmin was a huge influence in helping me connect, apply and get into Elon University, where I will be attending this fall.

James, Elon University

Working with Charmin was truly fantastic. Not only did she possess an in-depth knowledge of the college application process, but she was always infectiously cheery and made applying to college an exciting journey rather than a chore!

Elizabeth, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

From the point she entered our profession, she sought to learn everything she could about college admissions, good practices and good standards. She sought the council of veterans from whom she could learn. She emulated their leadership in the organization and tried to be of help wherever and whenever the need arose. Her ambition in the organization and desire to serve is heartfelt and of the sincerest motives. A tireless worker, she always gives her best to families and the young people we serve. Her work in developing school fairs and assisting guidance counselors and students in North Carolina is legend!

The Carolina Association, Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

The college process was difficult as I looked at many different schools, but with the help of Charmin Lee, it was made easy and I felt super organized.

Tyler, Freshman, Elon University

I honestly do not know if I would have been nearly as organized in my process for applying to colleges without Charmin! She not only helped me with all of the necessary components, but she had my best interests in mind and fully supported me. Between the many decisions that were made, I truly could not have done it without her!

Meitav, Goucher College

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