Applying more than 20 years in higher education, we provide a customized and relationship
driven consulting approach to the college search process. We offer additional specialized
services for colleges and universities with specific areas of focus.

High School Students
  • Gain an understanding of what the student hopes to achieve through their college experience
  • Optimize the student's resume by highlighting distinctive extra-curricular, leadership and academic achievements
  • Advising and formulating a specialized college list
  • Assist the student in mastering both the Common Application and other college-specific applications
  • Coaching the student on how to make personal essays come alive
  • Utilize personal contacts to advocate on the student's behalf with colleges and universities
  • Prepping for interviews and/or college visitations
  • Organizing and scheduling campus visits to ensure the student has a beneficial experience
  • Guidance through the scholarship process
  • Unlimited communication, via personal meetings, email, phone calls, skype, etc.
  • Assist in securing internship opportunities or summer experiences that will help the student stand out in the college application process
Under The Old Well at Chapel Hill
"Charmin always knew what to do when everything seemed to become overwhelming. I appreciated all of her support and instruction through my College Process!"
Grace, Belmont University in Nashville, TN
Elon University campus tour and visit with Tyler
College & Universities
Five Forces provides expertise in the following areas with strategies designed to move your institution forward:
  • Annual Fund
  • Society Development
  • Parent/Grandparent Association
  • Alumni Cultivation
  • Campaign Development

* Through an innovative and energetic approach, we can assist colleges, universities, or secondary schools to build better partnerships with alumni and friends network.

* Generating high levels of alumni engagement, along with increased annual fund and campaign contributions are critical to a college, university or secondary school's success.

* By implementing a Parent/Grandparent Association, it allows for a feeling of community and immediate engagement.

* Society Development enables a multitude of opportunities for giving at a variety of levels.

Advocating + Mentoring + Exploring + Empowering + Coaching