five forces
At Five Forces College Consulting our focus is on guiding students toward the
college or university that will be the best academic and social fit for them.
To increase every high school student’s marketability and identify the college that is the best fit for their interests, talents, and life goals.

Mission & Values
To guide students through the intricacies of the college search process through Advocacy, Coaching, Empowering, Mentoring, and Exploring.

Why Five Forces
We help you stand out through an extraordinarily competitive college application process that is full of thousands of applicants. In addition to educating the parents and students on the college application process, Charmin will make sure each student finds their “best fit” college through college planning and college identification.
Campus Tour and Visit to the College of Charleston
"Charmin Lee is a dedicated and talented College Advisor who brings out the best in every individual she works with, especially me!"
Josh, The University of Georgia
Campus Tour & Visit at Duke University
About Charmin Lee, Founder/Owner
Charmin Britt Lee is a distinguished and skilled higher education professional with diverse experiences in enrollment management, counseling, team building, operations management, resource development and strategic planning.

As a 1993 graduate of Elon College, Charmin worked as a member of the Admissions Office at Elon for 10 years. During this time, Charmin was able to witness the transformation from Elon College to Elon University. Her interaction with the students, families and guidance counselors in Alamance County proves to be such a highlight in her Admissions career, and now she has returned to Burlington with her family to continue enriching the lives of students in this area and beyond.

A colleague said of Charmin, “From the point she entered our profession, she sought to learn everything she could about college admissions, good standards and good practices. A woman of ethics, she sought the council of veterans from whom she could learn. She emulated their leadership in the organization and tried her best to be of assistance wherever and whenever the need arose. Her ambition in the organization and desire to serve is heartfelt and of the sincerest motives. A tireless worker, she always gives her best to the families and young people we serve.”

The Carolinas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers said regarding Charmin: “Her work in developing school fairs and helping guidance counselors and students in North Carolina is legendary.”

Throughout her career in college admissions, helping students find the BEST fit has always been a top priority for Charmin. She remains informed on current trends in college admissions, which has enabled her to keep parents connected, engaged and confident their student is receiving the greatest counseling possible.

In 2003, Charmin ventured from Elon University to Wingate University, as the Director of Student Recruitment. A critical member of the Wingate University Admissions Office for 6 years, Charmin continued to cultivate her relationships and network with colleges and universities throughout the country.

In 2009, Charmin joined the Resource Development office at Wingate, where she focused on fundraising. This allowed her to gain experience as Director of the Annual Fund, working with prospective donors and friends of the University. She has also served as the Director of the Wingate Society and Parents Association. The focus on developing parental involvement and connectivity provided great professional growth and additional networking opportunities.

Charmin returned to Burlington in 2012 with her husband and 2 daughters. She is excited to explore her passion for assisting students in their college planning process.
Advocating + Mentoring + Exploring + Empowering + Coaching